Bounce Back Recycling can save you time, money and help the environment if you choose our services to recycle your bulky waste items. Our team deconstruct the mattresses by hand, producing a higher rate of recovered materials for the circular economy.

Our service:

  • Simply drop off your old mattress or furniture item to our facility at the address below:Bounce Back Recycling
    Unit 4, Ballybrit Industrial Est. Upper
    H91 AF30
  • You can book a collection direct from your address at or by phone on 091 760877.

To date, we have helped our customers divert over 70,000 bulky waste items away from landfill or incineration. This ensures a cleaner and greener Ireland!


If you have any queries or would like to make a booking you can reach us below:

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Phone: 091 760877

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Local Authorities

Bounce Back Recycling can help you reduce the level of waste going to landfill in your local authority area. Mattresses account for, on average 15,000 tons of landfill waste per year.

Diverting mattresses from landfill and recycling is good waste management practice and it is good for the environment. It also helps local authorities to meet national and EU targets on recycling. For example, the recycling of municipal waste must be increased to 55% by 2025.

Also, under Ireland’s Landfill Directive, no more than 10% of Municipal Waste can go to landfill by 2035. Taking bulky items like mattresses out of the mix will support local authorities to achieve these targets.

Our mattress recycling service to local authorities:

  • We remove mattresses from your civic amenity sites
  • We can collect them on regular monthly or weekly dates or as required
  • We can provide a container on site for mattress storage, to avoid contamination with general waste

We already partner with a number of local authorities to deliver this service and to deliver mattress and furniture amnesty days under the anti-dumping initiative. To date, we have recycled 70,000 bulky waste items. This helps to fulfil waste reduction and recycling targets.

Bounce Back Recycling has a wider environmental appeal as our team deconstruct the mattresses by hand. This produces a higher rate and quality of recovered materials than mechanical recycling does.

If you like to hear more about how we can help your local authority, contact us here , email or phone us on 091 760877.

Roscommon Council

Bounce Back Recycling have been working with Roscommon County Council since 2020 to help them to divert bulky items away from landfill.

What We Offer Roscommon County Council:

  • We divert bulky waste from 4 civic amenity sites in Co. Roscommon
  • We provide 3 containers on sites that do not have storage areas
  • Containers are collected once they are full
  • We recycle the mattresses and furniture to ensure diversion from landfill/incineration

Environmental Benefits

Mattresses, in particular cause many problems in landfill where they may take up to 100 years to
decompose. Our service reduces the level of waste taking up space in landfill sites. Mattresses are
deconstructed by hand, producing a higher rate and quality of recovered materials than mechanical
recycling. This ensures the recovery of valuable materials for the circular economy.


Social Benefits

Bounce Back Recycling is a social enterprise that delivers social, environmental societal impacts that make economic sense. We provide employment and career progression opportunities for people who face barriers in the labour market.


Economic Benefits

We install containers on-site at civic amenity centres, so they can be easily accessed by the public at a
local level. This ensures that there is a cost-effective recycling service in place for domestic and
commercial clients. We also provide a door-to-door collection service to members of the public who find
it difficult to transport bulky waste. This will reduce illegal dumping and the significant clean-up costs
associated with this problem. The recovered materials are a valuable resource that are also recycled to
reduce the manufacturing of new materials.

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