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Easy Ways to Recycle Your Hotel Mattresses

Getting rid of bulky waste like mattresses can be very demanding and costly for hotels. Using Bounce Back Recycling can save you time, money and enhance your reputation as a ‘green business’. Our sales team can work with you on flat rate pricing, depending on your recycling requirements.

Furthermore, EU directives may soon legally require hotels to dispose of mattresses in an environmentally acceptable way. This means ensuring that bulky waste does not go to landfill or incinerator but is recycled for use in the circular economy instead.

Our Hassle-Free Hotel Mattress Recycling Service

We can collect old mattresses and furniture items from your hotel or accommodation service. This is cheaper than sending them to a civic amenity site. Under our mattress recycling service to hotels, we provide all the support you need to remove and transport mattresses from your hotel:

  • We provide the transport to remove bulk waste from your hotel or storage location
  • We collect on a regular basis or as required
  • Our staff are on hand to work with you on removal day
lifetime of a mattress

We already partner with hospitality and accommodation providers to provide this service.

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