About Us

Our History

Bounce Back Recycling (BBR) was established in 2017 in Galway to create a viable solution for problematic bulky goods. BBR is a recycling company whose aim is to divert as much mattresses & furniture away from landfill as possible. We provide a quality service for companies, councils & householders to recycle their unwanted waste rather than send it to landfill. We already work with a number of local authorities across the country, and many retail outlets to improve the recycling rates across the west of Ireland.

With the lack of mattress recycling alternatives in the west Ireland, BBR has established itself as a leader in the field. We reclaim and recycle; cotton, polyester, woven pad, metal and foam. Each material has its own varying commercial use. All recycled mattresses benefit various industries e.g. steel manufacturing, textile manufacturing and carpet manufacturing. This, in turn, creates gainful employment and reduces high dependency on landfill.

Employment and Training Opportunities

At Bounce Back Recycling we use a social enterprise employment model. We provide employment opportunities and job training for people with high barriers to employment. Our target is to make our social enterprise financially self-sufficient through our services. Income is used to pay standard operating expenses associated with the business and pay wages to our employees.